Monday, November 23, 2009

Heavenly Birth by Denise Taylor: A Mother's Journey, A Daughter's Legacy

Heavenly Birth Heavenly Birth by Denise Taylor

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Mom Denise Taylor journaled through the illness and death of her daughter, Jonnae, a witness to hope and the important lessons in life. Jonnae would say, "I get to" instead of "I have to," and this simple attitude in approaching life's struggles, gave her incredible strength. (And if you want the purple armband,"I GET TO," they are available.)

Jonnae's example and legacy is how to really live, think, and walk in faith when on the ropes. This book truly uplifts the reader even while you experience the emotional and physical pain along with Jonnae, Denise and their loved ones. Moments of humor and deep insight are hallmarks of this book. You will find quotes to uplift you in your own times of trial. Reading this book will give you tools for courage in your own situations.

There have been a lot of books written, both fiction and nonfiction, about cancer and death, but this book is one that will help readers understand, and find truth and faith in the journey.

It's one I recommend to anyone--you will grow and then, stand up and cheer when Jonnae finally is born "in heaven," even as it makes you cry.

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Christine said...

Sounds like the Lord is really speaking through this woman and her story. Hard to go through the fire of suffering, but then the power of the journey touches us all. Thanks Crystal for your recommendation of this book. I must try to 'get it'.
Hugs to you.