Saturday, March 07, 2009

Three Things...

3 Things...

Three Names I go by
1. Crystal
2. Momma
3. Mrs. "Mill"

Three Jobs I have had in my life
1. Teacher, P.E. and Elementary classroom
2. Coach, track and basketball
3. Freelance editor/book doc/reader/columnist

Three Places I have lived
1. Wayne County, Tennessee
2.Fairmount, Indiana
3. Indianapolis, Indiana

Three TV Shows that I watch
1. The First 48 Hours
2. Cops
3. House

Three places I have been
1. to college
2. to the hospital in an ambulance
3. to an international trapshooting competition to compete

3 People that e-mail me regularly
1. Sharon
2. Jan
3. LeAnne

Three of my favorite foods
1. chicken salad (Ivanhoe's is best! with fruit)
2. Cara's scones
3. Fage Greek yogurt

Three things I would like to do
1. Finish and submit my fiction manuscript
2. live all year round in my own cabin in the woods
3. Write a memoir-style book using many people's stories, recipes and childhood photos

Three friends I think will respond
1. Probably
2. No
3. One!

3 Things I am looking forward to
1. trip to Brown County
2. Boys getting jobs they love, living great lives
3. Sitting on the porch of that cabin and drinking coffee

Three things I hate
1. Cancer
2. Migraines
3. Someone biting and spitting their fingernails

Three favorite sounds
1. Jordan singing his songs (that he wrote)
2. my friends and family playing music
3. birds singing

Three favorite movies
1. Groundhog Day
2. Forest Gump
3. Second-hand Lions

Three places I would never go (again)
1.The Mill, a restaurant
2. New Orleans
3. to live in Indianapolis

Three favorite animals
1. Westie dogs
2. birds
3. moose

Three things I will never be
1. a champion trapshooter (sad sigh)
2. able to see well without glasses of some sort
3. young again

Three things I like to do
1. stay in a log cabin in a secluded woods, but close enough to go to good restaurants
2. have dinner with the boys and Chris because they're so funny and make me laugh
3. read a really good novel...staying up all night and then sleeping off my word-fest stupor in the morning

Can you tell me 3 of your things?


Jean said...


You sound like such an interesting person. I'm afraid I'm rather boring compared to you.

I enjoy dropping in to read your blog from time to time. I enjoy your "Childhood" blog, too.

Thanks for following mine.

Jean Hall

Terra said...

Hi Crystal,
I am so happy you follow my blog & today I signed up to follow yours. I see we have the same number of followers.
My copy of Christian Communicator arrived with the article about you. How exciting to be interviewed and for me to read it.