Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Foods of Politicians

Think you know everything about those who have been presidents or are now seeking office? Well, maybe not everything. Huckabee revealed a favorite college food he used to make in the dorm. (Reminded me of Uncle Fred.)

And when you are done with that, try this quiz, that is really a lot of fun,and maybe it will relieve the tension that this election is causing.

What's the strangest thing that you eat? I had a college roommate whose honey lured her to marriage by bringing her radish and butter sandwiches. I'll have to think a bit what I eat that's strange. Maybe it was this stuff called "Numeat" when I was a kid, which was a vegetarian sandwich spread that came in a can and was white-looking. (I have never found it as an adult.) I also really like Lay's Potato Chips with Red Gold catsup.


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I didn't do too well on the quiz - 10 out of 21. Squirrel cooked in a popcorn popper??? Blech.

I don't eat anything weird, but I do eat the same thing for a long time. Favorite breakfast cereal: Honeynut Cheerios with Raisin Bran. Hmm, maybe some people would think that's strange.

Fun stuff as usual, Crystal.

Susan :)

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